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About us

Dutch Health Support is an authorized MariPharm retailer and only sells to consumers. MariPharm produces nutritional dietary food supplements and cosmetic products and also holds Dutch Government permits to manufacture pharmaceuticals.

Certified MariPharm Distributor

MariPharm is a ground-breaking Phyto-Pharmaceutical Company that produces the purest CBD oil in the world, a unique nutritional dietary food supplement. Founded in 1995, for more than two decades MariPharm has undertaken pioneering work and research into medicinal cannabis, advising the Dutch and other governments on how to establish and manage medicinal cannabis programmes aimed at improving the quality of life and health of its citizens. MariPharm has consistently utilised innovative technologies, and has developed a revolutionary extraction process for CBD oil that consistently guarantees the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade product, formulated from pure CBD extract produced according to stringent GMP standards. MariPharm maintains a dedicated, high-tech laboratory for quality control, with third-party quality oversight and testing guaranteed by renowned Dutch Government approved laboratory that issues Certificates of Analysis for each batch of CBD oil.

Years of painstaking research supported by leading scientists, universities, government agencies, research institutes, pharmacists and doctors, backed by an Opium Licence from the Ministry of Health, Sports and Welfare, have resulted since 2015 in the world’s purest and finest quality CBD oil.

MariPharm CBD oil has created a worldwide quality standard in producing, analysing and distributing medicinal cannabis. The same quality standards MariPharm now applies have resulted in a completely safe CBD oil of exceptional quality, suitable as a nutritional dietary food supplement both for adults and children.

Our products in a nutshell


MariPharm CBD oil can be ordered in a dropper or spray bottle. Each bottle contains the same quantity CBD and hemp seed oil.

  • Most pure version of CBD oil on the market
  • Made from pure CBD crystals
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Batch released by pharmacist
  • All batches tested in laboratories
  • Consistent and safe product
  • Clear and transparent color
  • Neutral taste and odourless
  • Contains no THC


  • Complementary therapeutic aid
  • Basis of bio-coconut oil (MCT) mixed with 1% cannabis Sativa L.